Congrats to the Class of 2016

Graduation is a day many students dream of – the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.  Whether it’s high school or college, the ceremony is pretty exciting.  It’s the culmination of many years of work, sleepless nights, research, projects, and so much more.  Your grad has worked hard and deserves a gift that reflects it.  Give them something special to remember this accomplishment.  Jewellery is perfect.  It’s long lasting, sentimental, and unique.

A personalized piece of jewellery is a great idea.  It can be engraved with a special date, a name, an initial, or even a monogram.  The classics are always in style – diamond studs, pearls and simple pieces can help signify any occasion.  Here are some of our favourite gifts for grads this season:

Personalized Perfection

8df93af4-aac1-4563-bf05-a5e600e19dde          06d8f1ea-d31f-4a2c-83ba-a2ff00b1b6bf          df3e6527-3e94-4e7c-8d5b-a35a00f137d4          ec28ccac-0ae3-444f-a6eb-a5fa00872f16

Simply Stunning

ca172c86-d15c-4660-bb72-a54d008eb5af          14 Karat White Gold 0.80 carat total weight Diamond Earring Studs          e5ba8754-cf80-4192-9f86-a36b008bc596          797a3793-b6e4-48a9-8090-a32500f7a056

Coloured Classics

a879d185-f55c-45c1-8566-a57e01056a71          7dc29c94-a5fb-49a4-a243-a3100102f460          bb7b50e1-74b0-434f-a848-a5df00b20901          477600db-f5bb-4592-8702-a30d00e32b76

Be sure to get your grad something special to mark this significant achievement!